SCM is a leading provider of calibration, inspection, testing, certification and training services operating from Dhaka, Bangladesh. SCM is dedicated to evaluating production sites against social compliance benchmarks and facilitating communication, to bring buyers, producers, workers and consumers closer together. Our best contribution is to empower our stakeholders to improve working conditions, by deeply understanding sustainability and implementing responsible management systems. This was done by selecting suitable partners to market the SCM brand and develop our services while increasing our client base. This move led to our activities being focused on marketing and managing overseas business, and today SCM refers to an international network of companies.

SCM is being promoted by a group of professional auditors from diversified specialization backgrounds specifically trained in respective international Management Systems Standards to conduct third party conformity assessment in compliance with management of risks related to Quality, Environment, Life & Safety and other different standards to the global industry as per standards developed by International standard organization (ISO) and Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHAS).

SCM for certification of Management Systems for providing accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in the fields of certification and inspection.

Although ISO does not perform certification, its Committee on Conformity Assessment has produced a number of standards that relate to the certification process. The voluntary criteria contained in these publications are an international consensus on good practice relating to certification. Companies and organizations usually operate their certification activities in accordance with these international standards.

Accreditation – the formal recognition by an independent body, generally known as an accreditation body that a certification body is capable of carrying out certification. Accreditation is not obligatory but it adds another level of confidence, as ‘accredited’ means the certification body has been independently checked to make sure it operates according to international standards.

As ISO does not perform certification, Organizations looking to get certified to an ISO standard must contact an independent certification body.